Our Story

TRAV HAS TO ADD A BIT ABOUT HOW LONG HIS PERMITS HAVE BEEN ON THE RIVER Rogue Canyon Adventures is family owned and operated by Travis & Lexie Staple. Travis (insert story about terry here) As a tight-knit family run business we are committed and genuinely excited to provide the best trips on Oregon’s Rogue River. Both Travis and Lexie have active roles in the business. From creating their own website, growing vegetables from thier garden for the trip or when you call it is most likely Travis who will be answering the call. Travis is on almost every trip, leading the way. In addition to running, teaching Spanish and taking care of the pack, Lexie’s experience with food and wine in New York restaurants helps create awesome food and wine pairings.   

Travis & Lexie Staple


Travis, World's finest tuber

Look close…Celebrity guide C. Carpenter  and Travis are tubing the biggest hole on the Grand Canyon’s mighty Colorado River known as Lava. Trav is self proclaimed, “World’s Best Tuber” of the 90’s. He was first to complete a first descent in the Mexican, Copper Canyon, home to the Tarahumara.

We love our pack

Yep! We are dog people. Lucha is our newest additon. She was a rescue from Miss Gabriel Foundation. Pinto is a lab/boarder collie and retired from river trips. Algo, a Yorkshire Terrier is a hit on the river, coming in at 11lbs.

"I don't want easy, I want possible."

Lexie loves to run for fun. If you ever want to hike or run the Rogue River Trail, you won’t have to ask her twice. She may even rode bike back over Bear Camp with you, a gruesome 18 mile climb back to put-in. This summer she is training for Whistler’s Ironman. Check out her blog for tips and tricks on the river from a female perspective.